umd Module

class tallypi.outputs.umd.ClientData(hostaddr: str, hostport: int)[source]

Bases: object

Container for network client data

hostaddr: str

The network host address

hostport: int

The port number

property as_tuple: Tuple[str, int]

The client data as a tuple of (hostaddr, hostport)


Client or ClientData

alias of Union[Tuple[str, int], tallypi.outputs.umd.ClientData]

class tallypi.outputs.umd.UmdOutput(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: tallypi.baseio.BaseOutput

Networked tally output using the UMDv5 protocol

clients: setSetProperty(set)

A SetProperty containing the remote host addresses as address/port tuples.

sender: tslumd.sender.UmdSender

The tslumd.sender.UmdSender instance

property all_off_on_close: bool

Alias for tslumd.sender.UmdSender.all_off_on_close.

If True, the sender will turn all tally indicators off before closing. Default is False

classmethod get_init_options()Tuple[tallypi.config.Option][source]

Get the config.Option definitions required for this object

async open()[source]

Initalize any necessary device communication

async close()[source]

Close device communication

add_client(client: Union[Tuple[str, int], tallypi.outputs.umd.ClientData])[source]

Add an item to clients

remove_client(client: Union[Tuple[str, int], tallypi.outputs.umd.ClientData])[source]

Remove an item from clients

async on_receiver_tally_change(tally: tslumd.tallyobj.Tally, props_changed: Set[str], **kwargs)[source]

Callback for tally updates from tslumd.tallyobj.Tally